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Welcome to the official website of Nikki Lewen. Her absence from the digital scene has officially ended!  Besides cherishing her privacy, Nikki lives remotely where WIFi and cell phone service do not exist, making connectivity a real challenge. But due to popular demand, she has responded to readers and fans by creating this site to share a bit of herself.

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Take a look around to find everything from Nikki’s latest books to insights she’s revealing.

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About Nikki Lewen

The Sage in the Forest

Nikki Lewen was a long-time secretive writer. It wasn’t until the publication of her first book in the Three Sisters Trilogy that she exposed her hidden talent. Besides a fondness for writing and reading, Nikki maintains an active lifestyle and is usually found outdoors. If you know when and where to look ;)

Nikki splits her time living between two remote and distinctively different locations - Neither of which make staying connected easy. She has a small cabin nestled in the redwood-covered mountains of Northern California. It was here, in her mountain home, that her trilogy was born and brought to life.

When not among the trees and giant ferns, Nikki can be found south of the U.S. border where she happily resides in a small fishing village. The oceanside pueblo she also calls home doesn't even have traditional power. The town runs a generator for certain hours each day to supply the needed electricity.

Eco-minded in all matters, Nikki strives for a zero-waste lifestyle, finding pure joy knowing her fictional trilogy inspires those who before didn’t consider a greener path. Nikki is also a fanatic surfer who spends countless hours out in the waves. Her husband often jokes that “if I want to see me wife, I have to paddle out.” Although this often gets a laugh from others, he’s deadly serious. 

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Action-Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Survival Thriller 

Featuring strong female characters

I am extremely proud and excited to share my debut fictional series: The Three Sisters Trilogy. The project might have been a lengthy one (almost nine years in the making), but this was one story that really needed to be told. The characters, dialogues, and settings came to me so thoroughly and completely that it occupied my mind, taking me hostage until it was written and shared. Now that I’ve regained my freedom, I intend to spread its message of sustainability, of working together, of fighting against injustices.

The Three Sisters Trilogy was self-published after a traditional agent, who was interested in my manuscript for both book and film, decided to no longer work with me due to my complete absence from social media. I rarely have access to WiFi, I live and often travel remotely, and quite honestly, I love being “off-grid.” Despite my digitally-challenged lifestyle, I forged ahead anyway. Since publication, I have received the Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Award and was featured at a sold-out event at the National John Steinbeck Center.


Books of Three Sisters Trilogy include:

Three Sisters: A Tale of Survival 

Three Sisters Trilogy Book 1

Return to Three Sisters

Three Sisters Trilogy Book 2

Three Sisters Destined 

Three Sisters Trilogy Book 3

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Three Sisters: A Tale of Survival

Three Sisters Trilogy Book 1

“Raw storytelling and textured characters that take risk and get rewarded.”

“It’s Tomb Raider meets Lord of the Flies with all the good aspects of Water World sprinkled in.”

If you run into a survivor, they’ll tell you about the day the Enders crashed upon the world’s shores.

Sadie Larkin survived. She escaped the global catastrophe and violent chaos by venturing back to her childhood home in the old growth forest in the mountains by the sea. She dug in deep among the fallen redwoods and those that still stood.

Solitude. Survival. Ten years hunting. Ten years of unanswered questions. 

With fate on her side, Sadie runs into someone from her past. He’s been badly beaten, lies unconscious and is nearly dead. Through this man, she learns the horrible truth—the Splitter Nation has arrived. And they’re on her front doorstep! 

Sadie grabs her bow—and ends up saving much more than just one man.

2020 (5-29) REV Three Sisters_Nikki Lewe
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2020 (6-30) Revised Return to Three Sist

Return to Three Sisters

Three Sisters Trilogy Book 2

"Gritty, smart, vivid—Return to Three Sisters keeps the pages turning with taut action and profound characters in a cool world."

The Splitter Nation has built a new base on the Isle of Big Sur to mold abducted children into soldiers for their army.

But as long as Sadie Larkin still has her crossbow, they've got an enemy.

Sadie commandeers a ship and recruits a team of commandos and civilians to breach the island and fight for good in a world of evil. She battles with wit and bow to free the children of the Isle of Big Sur.

But the fiercest warrior in the Splitter army, the female who commands men, stands in Sadie's way.

Will Sadie find the strength to defeat the Commander and stop the Splitter Nation from destroying all light in the new world?

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Three Sisters Destined

Three Sisters Trilogy Book 3

"Destined Culminates Three Sisters Trilogy with Exclamation: Strong characters and life-and-limb action bring author Nikki Lewen's eco-ethos to life."

Sadie Larkin has relocated survivors from the Yosemite Colony to a new life on Three Sisters. She’s rescued the firsties from becoming child soldiers at the Isle of Big Sur. She’s saved women and men alike from the abuses of the Post-Ender world, offering hope for justice and a pathway to peace. But she’s not done yet! 

The evil Splitter Nation must be stopped, once and for all! 

Armed with wits and her bow, Sadie and her team of soldiers and civilians are trained and ready for their final act of courage. Even the Nation’s fiercest warrior—the bold and enigmatic Commander—now fights by her side.

Sadie has a plan and the means to see it through. But it’s not going to be easy to defeat President X and the last stronghold of the Splitter Nation. 

Will Sadie Larkin finally be able to end injustice—and fulfill her destiny to free the New World? 

2020 (7-27) Three Sisters DESTINED - fro
Home: Latest Work

                  What Readers Are Saying

“Author Nikki Lewen dedicates the third and final book, Three Sisters, from her trilogy, “to all those who fight injustice, who put others before themselves, and who take action for the planet.” I was struck by her effective application of ethos, pathos, and logos as readers find themselves pulling for the self-sacrificing, intelligent, female protagonist and her social justice warriors. The plot twists are always clever in her entire series, and there had to be extensive research to build credibility in the rising action that keeps readers glued to the pages. Romance, conflict, morality, fear, and a passionate respect to save the environment are at the heart of this book.

Loved Three Sisters and the series!”

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Additional Reviews 


"A thoroughly readable and exciting novel that I can highly recommend!"

Grant Leishman
Readers' Favorite

Balancing Rocks

"I shed a tear today while reading and realized the author, Nikki Lewen, had succeeded in plucking me out of my world and dropped me into hers."

5 Star

Amazon Review


"Loved these books! Read all 3 in 3 days staying up late, hated to put them down!"

5 Star
Amazon Review

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Eco-Conscious & Balanced Living

Reduce. Reuse. Reuse. Reuse. Reuse. Then, Recyle.

Nikki Lewen has always been drawn to the outdoors. Camping, hiking, backpacking, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming. Basically anything outdoors and you can count her in! Her appreciation for the world's natural playgrounds coincides with a passion for protecting and preserving these spaces for future generations. She views balanced living as a lifestyle that neither harms nor threatens natural order.

The Three Sisters Trilogy was written in part to pay homeage to her beloved redwoods and some of California's most treasured natural wonders; such as Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, and Big Sur.

Nikki supports, volunteers, and donates to a wide variety of non-profits in an effort to protect and promote environmental sustainability. Some of her favorite groups include Save Our Shores, Save the Redwoods League, and the Surfrider Foundation. 

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Notebook and Pen
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Book Clubs

All of the books in the trilogy include questions for discussion. A HUGE thanks to all the book clubs who have contacted me and/or invited me to join them in thier analysis of the Three Sisters Trilogy. Thank you for creating book club questions and spreading the adventures of Sadie Larkin!

Three Sisters: A Tale Of Survival

Return to Three Sisters

Three Sisters Destined

Nikki loves to support and promote book clubs. Depending on her availability and your location, she may be able to attend your clubs' next meeting. Contact her for additional information.

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Autographed Copies Now Available!

I keep getting requests! So, what the heck. I'll put this out for everyone! But... please be patient.

I'm probably off-grid, traveling, or out of the country. Sometimes, I disappear for weeks. Sometimes, months. But when I return, I will respond.

Please be advised that autographed copies are easier and cheaper if mailed in the continental US. Usually, at a total cost of $65.00 for the entire trilogy. International shipping plus taxes and customs (depending on the country) will definitely cost more. But it can be done!

Please submit the form below and you will be contacted with additional information including payment methods (Venmo preferred). Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!

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Contact Nikki Lewen

Thanks for visiting my author website! Get in touch to discover more about my writing or to schedule a reading, interview, book club event, appearance, podcast, etc. Please be advised: I often disappear off grid. I also live remotely without Wi-Fi access and cell phone service.

In order to connect from my mountain home, I have to drive 20-30 minutes to where I can get a signal and then work from my vechicle. When I'm in my south of the border home, I can only connect when the town's generator is running. But when I have access, I will reply. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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